Products & Services

Vine Science offer a range of cutting-edge products and services.

Our range of products and services helps irrigators, growers and environmental managers better understand their soil, plants and climate, and provide them convenient access to data that will assist in managing and maximising water resources.

Products we sell:

GBug Soil Moisture Logger

Increase the efficiency of your irrigation scheduling. Save both water and money.

EnviroPro Probe Soil Sensor

Monitor soil moisture, soil salinity and soil temperature in all soil types with this multi function probe.

Radio/Internet Soil Moisture Monitoring

Remotely access soil moisture data no matter where you are using a PC or laptop.

Automatic Weather Stations

Record useful data from the local micro-climate of your irrigation development.

Services we offer:

Soil Surveying for Irrigation Developments

A soil survey may give you access to incentive schemes from the Australian government.

Plant Nutritional Analysis

Manage fertiliser input needs, and monitor for nutritional issues.

At a time when many Australian growers face uncertainty about water allocations and water supplies, irrigation water management and irrigation efficiency is more important than ever. These products and services will save your business money, as well as producing better environmental outcomes.

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