Plant Nutritional Analysis

Manage fertiliser input needs, and monitor for nutritional issues.

Vine Science provides a plant tissue analysis service for vineyard and orchard crops based on industry standard methodology.

Regular plant tissue analyses will save you money

Regular plant tissue analyses performed each season will provide a grower with valuable information which can be used to help manage fertiliser input needs and to monitor for any nutritional issues.

We encourage our clients to have plant nutritional analyses performed annually. Vine Science will go out in the field, collect the samples, have them analysed, then produce a report summarising the data and providing a list of recommendations based upon that data.

Plant tissue analysis results

The report we produce contains an Annual Report, in addition, a summary report of past seasons analyses. It is also outlines trends in nutrient levels (indicating whether it is necessary to increase the input of particular nutrient), as well as showing trends in salinity levels.

The report makes recommendations regarding fertiliser programs, and outlines any other aspects of your vineyard or orchard that may need managing nutritionally.

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