Automatic Weather Stations

Record useful data from the local micro-climate of your irrigation development.

A sophisticated blend of mechanical, electronic, measurement, recording and telemetry systems, Automatic Weather Stations spend years operating autonomously out in the weather.

Climate data for agriculture applications

Automatic Weather Stations (AWS) are fitted with an array of sensors, and are used to measure micro-climate conditions and provide essential data for agriculture (and other) applications.

High quality, durable sensors

Vine Science offer products from Measurement Engineering Australia (MEA) as they provide high quality sensors which can meet the demands of the harsh Australian climate, while reliably measuring and storing climate parameters.

Soil Temperature is measured by a simple thermistor temperature probe which boasts an accuracy of 0.20 degrees Celsius. The sensor can also be used for air temperature, canopy temperature and water temperature measurements. A Leaf Wetness Sensor acts like an artificial leaf in the crop’s canopy and is designed to detect the presence of moisture on its surface, providing data which can help forecast the development of many plant diseases, particularly those of the fungal variety.

Barometric Pressure is measure by MEA’s compact PTB110 which is ideal for data logger applications as it has low power consumption. Solar Radiation sensors measures the power (or flux) of incoming short-wave solar radiation and provide a 180° field of view of the sky, allowing Global Solar Radiation to be measured. Rainfall data is provided by a self-emptying rain gauge featuring low friction, non-seizing bearings, and is made of corrosion resistant materials.

Combined Wind Speed and Wind Direction sensors provide accurate and reliable data having been specifically designed for operating in harsh conditions and in low power consumption applications. A Temperature and Humidity sensor designed for use in meteorological applications provides reliable and stable humidity and temperature measurements.

Automatic Weather Station Network

Vine Science has installed a network of MEA automatic weather stations for Lower Murray Water. As MEA’s representitive in the region, when Lower Murray Water requested MEA’s environmental monitoring systems, Vine Science was able to deliver a fantastic outcome, creating a low maintenance and reliable weather data network.

You can visit the Automatic Weather Station Network on Lower Murray Water’s website, to see an example of how the data from the weather stations might be shared via the Internet. This particular website was produced by MEA, and all the weather stations (except Mildura Airport) were installed by Vine Science.

LMW Automatic Weather Station Network »

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