Radio / Internet Soil Moisture Monitoring

Remotely access soil moisture data no matter where you are using your PC or laptop.

We install MEA Radio / Internet soil moisture monitoring systems, giving irrigation based growers remote access to critical soil moisture data using the Internet.

Reduce or eliminate over-watering

A Radio / Internet soil moisture monitoring system makes it possible for growers to quickly and conveniently view soil moisture data essential to the management of irrigated crops. You can now clearly see the soil drying out, helping you work out when the plants actually need water and also how quickly the root zone wets up after irrigation, helping to reduce or eliminate over-watering.

View, format, analyse soil data using your PC or Laptop

Magpie is the management software which operates MEA data logging systems. It establishes the operating parameters of the system, defining which sensors are being recorded. It also establishes the communications system and displays formatted data in tables and graphs. Magpie has the capability to generate files from data automatically and send them via e-mail, post data directly to a web site, or data can be viewed within the Magpie program itself on your PC or laptop.

Related Product: SML to Internet – Soil Moisture Logger with Internet Data Transfer

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MEA’s SML is an affordable, reliable solution to continuous soil moisture monitoring. The SML is designed to work with EnviroPro probes and gypsum blocks. Whether you want to measure soil moisture tension or soil moisture content, soil temperature and salinity, the SML can work for you.

SML to Internet: Features and Benefits

  • Continuous moisture monitoring.
  • ‘Stand-alone’ operation.
  • Transfer data using an internet connection.
  • Up to 8 gypsum blocks can be connected for soil moisture tension measurement.
  • EnviroPro probes can be used to measure soil moisture content, temperature and salinity at different depths.
  • The SML has provision for the addition of a rain gauge and a wind speed sensor.
  • The use of other soil moisture sensors is possible with the addition of an MEA Sensor Field Station.
  • Data is transferred from the SML to a computer and is viewed using MEA’s Magpie software.
  • As an optional feature MEA can arrange to have your data displayed on a website which will be updated every hour.
  • The SMLs have an ultra-reliable solar power supply.
  • MEA’s Magpie software (for Windows) is included as part of the system, and is used to display data in graph and table form.

Related Product: Plexus Mesh-networking Radio System

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MEA’s affordable new mesh-networking wireless system collects soil moisture readings from throughout your property and delivers data to your desktop. Plexus consists of a number (from one to dozens) of wireless field stations sending soil moisture measurements to a central Hub, which transfers data from all of the field stations to your computer.

Plexus Mesh-networking Radio System: Features and Benefits

  • Soil moisture networks hundreds of metres wide.
  • Self-healing networks for even greater reliability.
  • Soil moisture only, or moisture, temperature and optional EC.
  • Each field station can store its measurements locally.
  • Creates an ultra-reliable network which can deal with its own problems and operate in complex terrain without losing your vital soil moisture readings.
  • Plexus will be available with Gypsum blocks or with EnviroPro probes.
  • Plexus is powered from its own solar panel, charging an internal lithium-ion battery.
  • Plexus is mounted on a pole which is designed to fold out of the way of machinery.
  • Soil moisture data is viewed on your Windows computer using MEA’s Magpie software.

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  • Magpie 3: Displaying, formatting soil data

    Magpie 3 is a Microsoft Windows compatible program used in all measurement systems designed and manufactured by Measurement Engineering Australia Pty Ltd (MEA). The software provides a flexible, functional and easy-to-use tool for the collection and display of recorded information. It features graphical data display, tabular data display, dial-up telemetry, and multi-user access. The combination of Magpie software’s automation features and the PDT offers a powerful new way of automatically delivering data in Magpie formats (ie. graph images, CSV or HTML reports) without any requirement from the user to operate the software or the system. Magpie has the capability to generate files from data automatically and send them via e-mail. Alternatively, FTP processes can be used to post data directly to a web site.

  • Gypsum Block Sensors

    Gypsum blocks are robust, inexpensive sensors for measuring soil moisture tension. Soil moisture tension is a measure of how tightly water is bound to soil particles and indicates how hard the plant roots have to work to extract water out of the soil. Gypsum block sensors are a hassle- and maintenance- free alternative to tensiometers and have been widely used for measuring soil moisture tension throughout the world for decades. Gypsum blocks mimic the soil and are therefore slower to respond to soil moisture changes than jet filled tensiometers. Despite this, their simplicity and ease of use afford them a significant advantage.