Soil Surveying for Irrigation Developments

A soil survey may give you access to incentive schemes from the Australian government.

Conducting a soil survey provides the grower with information on crop suitability, soil water holding capability, irrigation scheduling guidelines and soil improvement strategies.

Soil survey report

A soil survey report provides you with the following information regarding your horticultural site(s):

  • Geology and geomorphology
  • Climate
  • Crop water requirements
  • Soil profile description
  • Nature of the carbonate layer
  • Topsoil and primary rootzone depth
  • Readily available water considerations
  • Drainage considerations
  • Soil chemisty (pH, salinity, Boron)
  • Soil management considerations
  • Irrigation considerations

Accredited soil surveyor

Soil surveying is an integral part of any new horticultural development. Vine Science is accredited to survey soils within the Victorian Salinity Management Plan sub-regions of:

  • Sunraysia Salinity Management Plan (Sunraysia SMP)
  • Nangiloc-Colignan Salinity Management Plan (Nangiloc-Colignan SMP)
  • Nyah to the South Australian Border Salinity Management Plan (Nyah to the SA Border SMP).

We are also accredited within the New South Wales Murray-Darling Water Management Action Plan area.

Industry standard methodology

All survey methods follow the ICMS industry standard for southeast Australian Mallee Region soils as outlined in the ‘Codes of Practise and Standard’ published in September 1997.

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  • Government Incentive Schemes

    A soil survey of your irrigation development by an accredited soil surveyer is required in order to be eligible for relevant government incentive schemes. Various incentives are available to growers in Australia, and are aimed at encouraging best practice in irrigation with the goal of reducing salinity impacts on the environment. The Mallee CMA’s irrigation incentives are funded by the Victorian Government initiatives of Water Smart Farms and Linking Farms and Catchment Programs to Irrigation Modernisation, together with environmental levies collected from irrigators. Local irrigators can get assistance and advice on their eligibility for the irrigation incentives from the Mallee Catchment Management Authority (Mallee CMA) or from the Department of Primary Industries in Victoria and NSW.