EnviroPro Probe Soil Sensor

Monitor soil moisture, soil salinity and soil temperature in all soil types with this multi function probe.

The EnviroPro Probe is a high performance multi function sub surface probe that measures soil moisture content, soil EC (salinity) and soil temperature through an array of sensors located at ten centimetre intervals.

EnviroPro Probe Soil Sensor

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Optimise your fertiliser applicaiton and irrigation events

Track the movement of nutrients through the root zone by tracking changes in salinity. With a sensor every ten centimetres, you can track the movement of water all the way through the root zone. You know exactly where the moisture is, and at what depths the plant is using it.

Save on unnecessary leaching irrigations

With the ability to monitor salinty build up in the root zone, you can save water and money by only applying a leaching irrigation when necessary.

Improved accuracy

Soil moisture readings are compensated for the effect of temperature and can be compensated for salinity-caused errors, giving you measurements upon which you can rely.

Mechanically and chemically stable

The internal electronics are fully encapsulated in epoxy. The circuits are protected against moisture and chemicals which makes the probe reliable, consistent and very stable.

View data remotely via the internet

As part of a Radio/Internet soil moisture monitoring system, it is even possible to access and share soil moisture data from the EnviroPro Probe via the internet using a PC or laptop.


  • Suitable for all crops and soil types being available in four lengths: 40cm, 80cm, 120cm, 160cm.
  • A multi function sensor located at 10cm intervals
  • Fully encapsulated, sealed
  • Reliable and very stable
  • Maintenance free long life
  • Optimised for sub surface operation
  • Compatible with any logger that support the SDI-12 interface.

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